There's no place like home. Home is where the heart is. A house is not a home.

There's a plethora of sayings about the place people eat, sleep and live because it is among the most basic human needs.

Unfortunately, many people now living, and who want to live, in the Borderland community often struggle to find housing that meets their needs. Some are looking for one-bedroom apartments, while others are seeking four-bedroom family forever homes, and yet others are ready to move into a home more suitable for aging.

We're fortunate, however, that community members recognized this concern, resulting in a study, establishment of a coalition, and a potential project that have us headed toward solutions.

Local officials and dedicated members of groups focused on housing solutions deserve credit for stepping up to the plate.

But it's not just a lack of housing that's the problem. It's also a lack of quality and affordable homes.

We can all help solve some of the problem when we take responsibility for maintaining and improving our residences to provide a quality housing stock in Borderland.

It's the domino effect of moving into different residences as our lives change that is impacted by a lack of quality homes.

Young families starting out are looking for affordable, yet quality small homes or apartments. When those residences are well maintained, they retain value and fill an important need when the are sold by people looking to expand into a larger home. When they are not, and are allowed to deteriorate, no one wants to move into them, often making it difficult to sell and make way for the owners to move out and up into a more valuable home. That creates a bottleneck in the progression of homeowners.

With the efforts of those working on specific projects to solve housing needs, along with homeowners pitching in to keep their homes in good continue, solutions are sure to be forthcoming.

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