To the editor,

I would like to recognize Mayor (Bob) Anderson for not giving into the Pride group. It sounded like they wanted to be treated like everyone else. Most people don't want special notice of the group they are in. If they got theirs, then there would be other groups, also, like LOL or Liittle Old Ladies, LOM or Little Old Men, the different religious groups, and me, a born again Christian - someone who likes the truth of the Bible.

To the Pride group, you haven't been around in the beginning of life. In the beginning God created man, Adam, and woman, Eve.

I thought that you and others might like to know that you do have a choice to be in that group. There is a book "Out of a Far Country" by Christopher and Angela Yuan, that tells about Christopher's change out from your group. There are other people that have come out of your group as well. God's love has changed them.

Some of the people I know that are in your group of people have had some kind of abuse: verbal, physical, or sexual. Some by same gender and some opposite gender. I would like to ask if your life is good in this group, then why are some of the people in your group committing suicide? I pray that they would know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Because that is a better way. Where will you spend eternity?

As far as discrimination is concerned, your group is going into the schools and giving your part of the truth to the children. My group can't even enter the school with a Bible and the truth. I also want to let everyone know that God loves you.

Kristine Sunne

International Falls, MN

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