Letters to the editor

To the editor,

What drove International Falls into the dirt? Decades of self serving politicians; backside kissers, and favoritism. Decades of the good old boys club.

As long as this stereotype behavior continues in this town, this town will never change for the better. They can bring in all the ex-mayors from different towns they want and talk about optimism till they’re blue in the face, but that doesn’t put money in people’s pocket or food on the table.

What I have written above is also one of the main reasons why people have and are leaving this town. You have these certain people preaching shop local. Where do they shop, out of town or online? Just look at the vehicles they drive.

The kryptonite of International Falls is telling the truth. The politicians, backside kissers, the good old boys do not want to hear the truth. They hide from it. Why? Because it is the truth. And now they are in a panic because it has come back to bite them in their backside. It was not the tax paying private citizen who can run this town into the dirt.

Now, either it’s because it’s such a small town or it’s the individual, but when these people are elected into office, either city or county, it goes right to their heads. These people think that the taxpayers work for them, when they work for the taxpayer. They are nothing more than public servants. They represent the taxpayers. They’re supposed to do what the taxpayers want, not what they want. It’s their narcissism to where they can’t see past their own nose that’s stuck up in the air.

Leon Ditsch (International Falls West Ward councilor) is right, they’re not doing their jobs. They go after taxpaying private citizens for blight, but look the other way when it comes to the businesses.

Darren Wallen

International Falls, Minn.

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