To the editor,

Minnesota Residents:

Please add March 3, 2020, to your calendar. This is the date of the Presidential Primary in Minnesota.

A big change was instituted by the MN Legislature in 2016 (MN Statutes Chapter 207A and MN Rules Chapter 8215) for our first Presidential Primary. Only the DFL (Democrats) and the Republican parties have submitted candidates for the ballet. Each party will have a separate ballot. If a candidate has dropped out their name will still appear on the ballot since names were submitted prior to Dec 18, 2019. There will be a place to submit names of write in candidates. Only Presidential candidates will be on the ballot. Early voting starts Jan. 17, 2020.

Republican candidates:

1. Donald J Trump

DFL (Democrat) candidates:

1. Michael Bennet 2. Joseph Biden 3. Michael R. Bloomberg 4. Cory Booker 5 Pete Buttigieg 6. Julian Castro 7 John K. Delaney

8. Tulsi Gabbard 9. Amy Klobuchar 10. Deval Patrick 11. Bernie Sanders 12.Tom Steyer 13 Elizabeth Warren

14. Marianne Williamson 15. Andrew Yang 16. Uncommitted

Please vote. Voting is our right in this democracy. Remember that every vote counts.

Sue Swendsen

Ranier, MN

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