To the editor,

This is an open letter to Ranier residents and others interested in the welfare of this city:

This letter will correct previous errors I made in a letter published earlier. Corrections are that the city of Ranier owns the lake boat ramp, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources owns the parking lot next to the developing hotel in Ranier.

If you have attended all of the Ranier City Council and Ranier committee of the whole meetings for the past two years, you might be up to speed on the changes being pushed in Ranier without transparency, and by a special interest group.

The Ranier council appears to have made little effort to get public input from their constituents on these proposed changes.

One of the changes being promoted, and apparently accepted by the Ranier council, involves constructing a boat launch at Seven Oaks Park on the Rainy River near the public dock already there.

This boat launch is not needed. It is in potentially dangerous water with rapids.

There have been no public hearings, and the steering committee that worked on all the plans does not have minutes available for the public.

We are circulating a petition in Ranier opposing this boat launch and hope you will sign it.

We are also requesting public hearings so that Ranier residents can be informed about their city, projects being proposed, parking issues, the impact of these changes on their taxes, property values, the environment, city parks, traffic plans, congestion and other issues within the city.

An informed public is necessary to a democracy.

Sue Swendsen

Ranier, MN

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