Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Nightly newscasts display the expressive misbehavior of big city folks who are “Woke” and active on behalf of others. This has given rise to a feeling that we in the Falls may soon be pressured by a small number of noisy individuals to undergo a cultural shift. This could be. Living up here in a natural paradise and beyond the talons of big-city culture, we tend to patiently observe and kindly forget the big city antics portrayed each evening. But to be honest, it may be coming our way. And with the movement, shallow thought.

For example, these Wokees think that individuals have a choice of which of sixty-our genders they wish to be. Period. The same crowd declared that at birth, a baby’s gender is unknown. Apparently, they haven’t changed a baby’s diaper lately. And, These same deep thinkers believe that anyone with white skin is a racist, no matter what the person claims or does. Humph. But the more threatening issue for me is that the Wokees don’t have a clue concerning civilized shopping protocol. For instance, here in the northland aka God’s country, we choose a store, drive to its parking lot, ensure that the store’s open and the lights are on... and enter the prescribed door(s), then take a cart and select items to purchase, all the while alertly shop within our means. Finally, we check out with our cards or bank check and head to our car.

Good guys i.e., people with class, often return the carts to the store, then quietly leave the area. That is how Nice Northern Minnesotans behave. Well, apparently this clumsy manner of shopping is dated. When Wokees need something, they rename the products “entitlement”, and gather a group of other Wokees and park safely away from the store, probably overturning and torching a police car en route to the building. Then they break in and take copious amounts of goods and wreck a lot of shelving and other items en route to a cost-free exit. They don’t return the carts. They don’t say thanks to anyone for the experience. Now, over time this could become an adopted procedure in “Nice Northern Minnesota.” When this threatens to occur, many local cool hands would likely attend an initial parley of this group shopping event (referred to in the press as a protest rally) along with other local Patriots who have signaled their distaste for this proposed lifestyle adjustment. We might refer to this group of citizens as Awoke-2nd Edition.

According to local, mild-mannered gentlemen with whom I routinely coffee-up with here, most would be eager to attend the initial invasion of those possessing “Bad, Bad Taste On the Hoof” into our community and would with great love and affection welcome an opportunity to share a spiritual, cultural, and financial aha moment with the pillaging, anti-American individuals. The hope is that they would take their trade elsewhere. Them’s hard thoughts. Selah.

Eugene R Emahiser Sr.

International Falls, MN