Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Many of us have found ourselves at a gathering where someone in the group has told a joke or made a terrible comment about a particular race of people, an ethnic group, someone’s sexual orientation, a religion, or perhaps someone’s physical or mental disability.

At that moment we perhaps grinned, maybe even chucked slightly or worse agreed with the person speaking. Almost immediately the voice in our heads that our mothers so carefully nurtured, softly perhaps at first, but like our mothers continued requests to clean our room the nagging became incessant and much louder. A nagging by our better angel that let ourselves know that agreement with any part of what was so callously spoken was not what our mother would approve of.

But by our silence and complicity at that moment we handed over a wholehearted approval of those vile, hurtful spoken words, our silence became acquiescence. After quick reflection on our inaction the better angel (mother’s voice) has now strongly instructed that if a similar situation arises, an immediate rebuke is not only warranted but required.

Unfortunately, Congressman Pete Stauber has decided to push the mute button on his better angel. When this current Trump Administration revealed the president pays taxes much lower than front line healthcare workers, mishandling of the pandemic where more than 210,000 people have died, calling war dead “loser” and “suckers”, withholding funds to the World Health Organization and joining a lawsuit to strike down the Affordable Care Act in the middle of a pandemic (remember pre-existing conditions), refused to condemn white supremacy numerous times, crippling of the Postal Service while millions of people utilize mail in ballots, and perhaps most egregious is refusal to leave office if results show a clear loss.

What is Congressman Stauber’s reaction to all of this? Acquiescence.

George Pliml

Cook, MN

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