Letter to the editor

To the editor,

I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. wondering why I had this crazy nightmare about this dyed red haired clown puppet in a blue suit with a red tie with an evil smiling bald Russian sounding puppeteer pulling his strings!

This clown puppet was on a bus talking like a con man bragging about selling bogus University degrees, then talking like a racist, then switching to talking about profane horrible things he did to women.

There were people coming out of a church starting to watch him and clapped. It was crazy! This bald Russian Puppeteer kept smiling and pulling the strings feverishly.

All of a sudden we’re on a sand beach in Florida with a golf cart cart stuck in the sand and then at the White House with a hotel across the street. Wealthy people with top hats and foreign sounding people, some with Turbans, are throwing money at the red haired puppet who has his kid puppets picking up the cash stuffing it in their dad’s pockets as they start chaos and laughing at normal people walking to work.

This bald Russian puppeteer is now feverishly laughing and moving the strings at our Capitol while the Red haired puppet shouts to nice people to start ripping up the Constitution and beating policemen with American flags while chasing with a noose a slick gray haired guy in a suit shouting “ it’s ok, four more years!”

All of a sudden, Americans like you see in the movies jump into a voting booth causing this other smiling gray haired guy to cut the bald Russian Puppeteer’s strings to the dyed red haired clown Puppet. The Russian Puppeteer is mad! With an evil determined look, he continues sending puppet soldiers around the globe seizing land just like Hitler did, some in uniforms with AK 47s and some others with little computers causing chaos as he attempts to fix the strings of the red haired clown puppet.

Wow! I woke up. Was it a nightmare? Was it a warning?

I know that each of us will answer this question as we wake up. I hope.

Joseph Boyle

International Falls MN