Letter to the editor

To the editor,

With all the attention paid to the presidential race, it is easy to be distracted from local races that deserve our attention. The person who represents us in the state Legislature is Rob Ecklund and he is running for re-election on the November ballot. Rob is in his third term representing us.

Rob has worked hard to to expand our broadband access which was critical during the pandemic as students were forced into distance learning and many parents were directed to work from home. Broadband access provides this opportunity as well as the opportunity to work for companies in large cities and around the world. This allows rural communities such as ours to enter the knowledge economy and diversify, protecting us from unforeseen downturns in select industries. Rob had the foresight to see the value of expanding broadband for our community and continues this effort.

As a veteran himself Rob knows the value of service and the importance of respecting our veterans. He chairs the Veterans Affairs committee and has made providing career opportunities for veterans a priority. He fights for hard working people like himself to ensure we all receive a living wage, have access to quality and affordable health care and can look forward to a secure retirement.

He is a well-grounded individual who has always lived and worked in our community.

I do not always agree with Rob but respect him for his positions which reflect his constituents. Rob is available, he listens and represents us and not some ideology even if his own opinion may not coincide with the majority. We can depend on Rob to represent us and that’s why I recommend we vote to re-elect him on Nov. 3.

Dale F. Johnson

International Falls, MN

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