Letter to the editor

To the editor,

A fresh new voice. A bright new leader. The future of Minnesota. This is what Thomas Manninen, Republican candidate for House District 3A represents. A Littlefork native and law school student, Thomas has a sharp mind, strong grasp of issues that impact Minnesotans and is exactly the type of representation northern Minnesota needs and deserves representing them in St. Paul.

Unlike his opponent, Democrat Rob Ecklund, Thomas loves our president, is against defunding the police, believes in three co-equal branches of government and wants to represent the ‘north’s voice’ fairly and accurately.

In the time I have known Thomas, I have known him to be a hard worker with strong family values who believes in life, the Constitution and the American Dream. I know Thomas will work hard and fight to ensure the Iron Range, International Falls, Grand Marais, Ely, Babbitt and Silver Bay are represented to the fullest.

Our country and state are facing a major crossroads: one party wants to turn us into a socialist nation that takes away our Second Amendment Rights, forces us to live under extreme Government rule and redistribute our hard-earned money. The other party (our Republican Party) believes in fighting for our middle class families, area’s natural resources, and to ensure the American Dream lives on for generations to come.

Thomas Manninen embodies everything that is good, right and pure about our state and country. I ask you to vote for Thomas Manninen for the Minnesota House of Representatives on Nov. 3.

Jennifer Carnahan

Minnesota GOP chairwoman

Edina, MN

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