Kerry Meyers brought a skinned coyote and many different animal furs to the Moonlight Rock Archery Range in International Falls for children to inspect on Saturday afternoon.

The coyote garnered some mixed reactions — some were fascinated, some a bit wary.

coyote booth wide.jpg

Children look at furs and put on gloves to touch the coyote. 

“I like to skin something so they’re all intrigued, and they think, ‘oh, that’s where it comes from,” Meyers said. “We do this for fun, this is a great event.”

coyote booth leaders.jpg

Kole Bernath and Kerry Meyers stand at their booth.

child looks at furs.jpg

A child examines various furs. 

Children of all ages were invited to join the Minnesota Deer Hunter Association Trails End Chapter for its annual Youth Day, an event where participants were able to try out many different outdoor skills and learn about wildlife conservation.

close up archery.jpg

Corbin Chezick aims before shooting during archery instruction at MDHA Youth Day.

Volunteers at booths educated youth about a variety of topics including dissecting owl pellets, archery, types of trees, fishing-line knot tying, turkey calls and conservation law enforcement.

fish knot tying girl.jpg

Children practice tying fishing knots with rope and metal nuts.

At the archery demonstration, children were able to shoot arrows at a variety of targets, learning about the correct way to position their bow, and most importantly, archery safety.

group archery.jpg

A group of children lines up to practice archery.

“Everybody is going to shoot all of their arrows and as soon as you’re done I’m going to say ‘clear’,” the instructor told the group. “Then, you can lay your bow down and go up and get your arrows, but nobody leaves the rubber mat until I say ‘clear.’”

The archery booth drew a large crowd, with children waiting in line for the opportunity to try out the sport.

Corbin Chezick attended with his grandfather, who helped him try to get better at aiming at targets.

“Tell us what you’re going to hit before you shoot,” he challenged Chezick.

Various law enforcement and safety organizations were present to give demonstrations of emergency vehicles. Local emergency medical technicians were giving tours and demonstrations of the ambulance and conservation officers showed off their vehicles.

ambulance demo.jpg

A girl is lowered from the ambulance stretcher during a tour of emergency vehicles. 

The event was free to attend and children who attended all of the different booths were entered in drawings for prizes.

archery instruction.jpg

An instructor gives archery instructions during MDHA Youth Day. 

Youth Day is hosted annually by MDHA Trail’s End Chapter and was sponsored by Packaging Corporation of America.

knot tying instruction.jpg

Children are taught how to tie fishing knots using rope and metal nuts.

owl pellets booth.jpg

Participants dissect owl pellets to learn more about their diet. 

tree instruction.jpg

Children learn about trees from the Koochiching County Land and Forestry Department. 

forestry booth.jpg

Children learn about different types of trees from the Koochiching County Land and Forestry department. 

turkey call.jpg

An instructor demonstrates different turkey calls.

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