Well groomed

International Voyageurs Snowmobile Club groomer John Arnold.


International Voyageurs Snowmobile Club Pres. Jim Bigler: Another 8 inches of snow is creating more problems on our snowmobile trails, especially on the lake. More slush has surfaced so please be careful and follow the stakes.

Bruce got the Blue Ox to the Arrowhead and over to the K3 at Kab and down to the south side of the Rat Root Saturday night. John groomed the Hagerman to the Rat Root and in to Frank’s Bay. He hasn’t been able to cross the Rat Root yet due to ice thickness.

This week it should be groomed to Big Falls and to the Junction. Hopefully they can also clear the Birchdale Connection to the Northern Connection.

We have a club meeting Tuesday at Almost Lindy’s. Hope to see you there. Have fun be safe and join your local club. Remember no club, no trails.

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