An ice road that takes drivers on a 30-mile trip to Minnesota’s Northwest Angle opened this week.

The private NW Angle Guest Ice Road travels over 22 miles of ice and through eight miles of forest.

The road was established in response to travel restrictions, put in place in March due to the pandemic, on the American border, making it impossible to get by vehicle to the resort community on Lake of the Woods — a world renowned fishing resource.

Joe Henry, executive director, Lake of the Woods Tourism, said hundreds of hours have already been put in plowing, staking, erecting signage and building and placing bridges over cracks in the ice — standard protocol with an ice road.

Without border restrictions, travel to the NW Angle would involve a drive 40 miles through Canada and back into Minnesota up at “the Angle.”

The ice road came together with a community effort, about 120 strong, Henry said.

“Unseasonably mild temps have held back the start of the ice road compared to a normal winter, but with some recent cold weather, it is in great shape and open,” Henry said. “I had the chance to drive the ice road this week and it is incredible.”