Tuesday was the annual Fifth Grade Outdoor Education Day at The River Golf Course.

Typically, the field trip involves St. Thomas, Indus, and Littlefork elementary students as well as Falls Elementary School but due to COVID, only Falls Elementary School attended this year, reported Alex Mannausau, FES and Falls High School teacher.

The field trip provides students with an opportunity to interact with and learn from experts in various outdoor or natural resource related fields. This year there were seven modules available for students to experience, she said.

Presenters and their topics included Trapping with Lloyd Steen, the local Deer Hunters Association, Boat Safety with Voyageurs National Park, Fisheries with Wes Peterson, Pollution with Koochiching County Environmental Services, Wildfire Prevention with Falls Fire Chief Adam Mannausau, and Orienteering — Don’t Get Lost with Koochiching County Forestry.

During the day-long event, groups of 8-12 students rotate through the modules and spend about 30 minutes at each one. The students learn about boat and water safety, wildlife, sustainable forest management, orienteering and map use, Minnesota fish and the importance of clean water to them, preventing wildfire, and the impacts of humans on the landscape.

The event is entirely outdoors and has never been canceled due to weather, Mannausau said. “The River Golf Course, nestled in the woods along the Rainy River, provides a perfect backdrop for the event,” she said.