With the onset of spring, students at Indus Outdoor Education Magnet School in Birchdale have new opportunities to learn about nature.

Second- and third-grade students recently hosted the Department of Natural Resources Forestry staff, who helped the students to identify trees on the school grounds.

The third graders also learned to bore core samples of trees to find out how old trees are. The class in May studied about the parts of a plant, labeling a picture with the names of the parts of a flower. In addition, by putting daisies in colored water they learned how a plant absorbs water.

In the high school, science classes had an opportunity to explore the environment and to learn about animal life when science teacher Tom Van Damme placed chicken eggs in an incubator as an extra enrichment activity for all classes.

The chicks started to hatch on May 8, teaching students about the different ways that species enter the world. Students had a chance to hold and pet the baby chicks and to see them come out of their shells.

VanDamme is also encouraging each class at Indus to plant a garden in the raised beds on school grounds. On May 23, students in the sixth through eighth grades participated in cleaning up garbage in ditches along Highway 11 on either side of the school.

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