Tim Watson will for the fifth year ride to fight ALS in the Black Woods Blizzard Tour, a three-day snowmobile ride and fundraiser for the ALS Association, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota Chapter.

The tour’s motto is to ‘Never Surrender,’ and despite the pandemic, the event will go on.

Watson said a number of adjustments are being made to the normally social event to ensure that it will be able to continue to raise funds for people with ALS, their families, and research. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

“We are planning a ride of some type,” the tour’s website said.” This won’t be like past years, and gatherings, meals and socializing will be minimized if not canceled. Stay tuned for updates in the new year.”

Money is raised by making donations in the name of individual riders, and Watson is hopeful local folks will help him raise money. Go to the website of the Blackwoods Blizzard Tour Never Surrender website at https://www.neversurrenderinc.org/site/TR?pg=pfind&fr_id=1040, look for Watson’s name or the name of another rider to make a donation.

The tour, from Feb. 3-6, takes riders to Proctor, Tower, Ely, Two Harbors and back to Proctor, has set its fundraising goal at $1.5 million this year. And, more than $500,000 has already been raised for this year’s ride.

An avid snowmobiler, Watson got involved in the ride when he saw the impact ALS had on several friends and their families and wanted to help.