Confirmation of an aquatic invasive species detected in September in Kabetogama Lake is a reminder that compliance with aquatic invasive species laws and recommendations to clean, drain, and dry watercraft and equipment is crucial in order to avoid spreading aquatic invasive species to new water bodies.

Snails collected from Kabetogama Lake in September were recently confirmed to be an aquatic invasive species that is widespread in the United States, reports Voyageurs National Park staff in a news release.

The species,Chinese mysterysnail, can outcompete native species in lakes and streams and can become a host in the life cycle of parasitic worms, or trematodes, that can kill waterfowl, said a VNP news release.

"At present, there are no viable management options for eradication of the species from a lake once established," the news release said.

While the presence of the Chinese mysterysnail should remind people to follow the AIS laws and practices, it also underscores the importance of regulations and Best Management Practices in place to minimize the threat of spreading invasive species, now found in the large lakes of the park, to the fairly pristine interior lakes.

Regulations and best management practices implemented to protect the interior lakes of the park are available at the following link:

Additional information is available at the following links:

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