St. Louis County Sheriff's Office

A student at Northwoods School in Cook Tuesday was removed from school and suspended after the student placed what the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office describes as "an inappropriate post on his social media.

"Northwoods School administration dealt with the student immediately and together with law enforcement deemed there was no immediate threat to students or the school," said a news release from the sheriff's office. "The student was dealt with in accordance to school policies, which includes suspension. The student's parents were notified and the student was removed from school."

Later that evening, the sheriff's office was notified by Northwoods School staff that the same student had posted additional inappropriate content on social media since leaving school grounds.

Deputies went to the student's home and met with the student and his parents, said the news release. After the investigation was concluded, law enforcement deemed the information posted by the student, while inappropriate, did not pose any specific or imminent threats to anyone or the school.

The matter, due to the nature of the content posted by the student, will be referred to the St. Louis County Juvenile Attorney's Office for review for any potential charges.

Northwoods School staff sent out an informational alert to students' parents Wednesday morning about the incident in an effort to keep the public informed.

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