District Court

Koochiching County’s first Warrant Resolution Days, held March 12 and 13, achieved it’s goal: help people clear their record and reduce a backlog of hundreds of outstanding warrants.

Patti Bolstad, Koochiching County District Court court operations supervisor, said she was happy with the numbers: Nine cases were resolved as a result.

Five cases were determined prior to the dedicated days, three people came to court, and one case was resolved with paperwork.

Of the five people who came into resolve their cases prior to the designated days, two were completely resolved and three had new court dates set, based on the complexity of the cases, Bolstad said.

She said the success means Warrant Resolution Days will become an annual event.

“People are nervous they will get arrested (if they come),” she said. “You. have to have to trust the system and law enforcement.”

Bolstad said had hoped to resolve at least six cases.

“I was extremely happy with the process,” she said. “It was very smooth and without incident. Every individual who came in were very happy with the results and how things transpired.”

She noted a young woman who came to court on one of the days reached out to her Facebook friends to tell them it was not a trap, they will not arrested if they attend, and that she was happy her case was resolved and a burden lifted off her back.

Bolstad said she was encouraged that the young woman encouraged others to resolve their outstanding warrants.

Gathering the outstanding warrant list was a huge job, she said, involving various partner agencies.

She said she will work to keep warrants updated and hopes to see some of the old warrants be resolved.

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