A 60-year old Grand Rapids man faces seven felony charges following a police chase Saturday that ended with police forcing him to stop, five vehicles damaged, and at least one police officer injured.

Robert A. Larson faces felony charges of criminal vehicular operations — bodily harm — under the influence; second-degree assault; threats of violence; four separate counts of first-degree damage to property; and fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, reports a criminal complaint filed in Koochiching County District Court Monday.

The charges stem from when International Falls police attempted to talk to Larson, after stopping him when they observed him traveling west at a high rate of speed on Fourth Street, the court documents say.

Police had already taken reports that the vehicle had just been involved in two robberies elsewhere in International Falls.

Larson refused to open his window, put his vehicle in gear and rammed the patrol vehicle, narrowly missing a county deputy, who had assisted. Larson when fleeing rammed a vehicle in the parking lot at St. Thomas Church and left the scene. That vehicle, a 2012 Toyota Camry, was hit with such force it broke both tires off the right side of the car, spun it 180 degrees, and pushed it up and over the curb, said the complaint.

Vehicles driven by a Falls police officer and county deputy boxed the vehicle in at the Backus Community Center parking lot, when Larson again refused to obey orders from the officers. The officers broke out the driver’s side window and a passenger’s side window of the vehicle Larson was driving, and it rammed a State Patrol vehicle, whose officer also attempted to assist.

Several attempts were made to stop the vehicle using pursuit intervention techniques, or PITs, along Highway 11-71; police reported it appeared the left front tie rod and the axle had broken on the vehicle Larson was driving.

Near the Nomad Motel, an officer had enough room and no oncoming traffic to PIT the vehicle again, spinning the pickup, which then rammed the front of a deputy’s pickup, pushing it back into a Falls officer’s patrol vehicle.

Larson resisted leaving the vehicle, and threatened to kill officers as they removed him.