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Another case of COVID-19 in Koochiching County was reported by local officials this week.

Koochiching County Public Health Director Kathy LaFrance told the county board Tuesday there are now six local cases and zero deaths in Koochiching County, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

LaFrance reported other COVID-19 numbers from MDH:

  • 21,315 confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • 14,816 people have recovered from the virus
  • 881 people have died from COVID-19
  • 665 people are hospitalized
  • 248 people are in intensive care units – the highest number of ICU beds seen to date

In addition, LaFrance said the highest number of confirmed cases are in the 30-39 age group.

Commissioner Jason Sjoblom asked how many local tests have been administered. 

LaFrance said facilities are not required to disclose that information and the statewide number of tests comes from within test labs and how many have been processed. 

"I don't know if they have a breakdown of where they've come from," she said. 

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