Jason Sjoblom, who represents Koochiching County Commissioner District 4, pleaded guilty June 11 to misdemeanor careless driving in Koochiching County District Court.

The charge stemmed from a father-son driving incident at 8:50 p.m. May 28 near Falls Elementary School staff parking lot, said International Falls Attorney Steve Shermoen, who serves as prosecutor for the city.

Shermoen said in the course of the lesson, a parked and unoccupied car was damaged when the Sjoblom vehicle was backing up.

“We’ve all taught our kids to drive; he picked a poor location,” Shermoen said.

While his son was driving, Sjoblom said he had full control of the vehicle by holding the steering wheel, but couldn’t get his foot on the brake pedal in time as the vehicle reversed and struck another vehicle.

Sjoblom told The Journal he used poor judgment.

“What started as a harmless rite of passage turned quickly into a mistake, resulting in property damage,” he said. “I’m sorry and very upset with myself for making a poor decision but relieved that no one was injured.”

Sjoblom was given a stay of adjudication of sentence for one year under the conditions that he be of good behavior and pay $100 prosecution costs.