The speed limit on Highway 6 between the south junction of Highway 1 and Big Falls will increase during the week of Feb. 11, weather permitting.

The limit will change from 55 mph to 60 mph from the south junction of Highway 1 to the existing 30 mph speed limit in Big Falls. This change will be coordinated with the speed limit increase on Highway 6 south of Highway 1.

The new speed limit takes effect when the new signs are posted. Speed limits lower than 55 miles per hour will remain unchanged.

The speed increase is based on a traffic and engineering study, which looks at past crash rates, physical attributes of the highway (such as shoulder widths and access points), and an analysis of current driving speeds.

In 2014, the Minnesota Legislature directed MnDOT to evaluate its two-lane, two-way 55 mph highways to determine whether speed limits could be reasonably and safely increased.

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