An International Falls man was sentenced Wednesday to 25 months prison longer than the judge’s initial plan following a vent session at the hearing.

Christopher D. Leckner, 33, was sentenced to 150 months, or 12.5 years, for the Nov. 1 stabbing of a woman.

Following the sentencing, he was escorted from the Koochiching County District Courtroom for shouting threats at District Judge Charles H. LeDuc and using obscenity and profanity, Koochiching County Attorney Jeff Naglosky told The Journal.

Leckner was arrested by International Falls police after he stabbed three times his domestic partner, a 46-year-old woman who sustained two wounds under her arm into her chest and a third wound to her lower back. She was life-flighted to a Duluth hospital for treatment. The stabbing occurred on the 100 block of 14th Street West in International Falls.

Leckner pleaded guilty Feb. 7 to first-degree assault, and under a plea agreement Naglosky agreed to cap his sentencing recommendation to LeDuc at 150 months prison, Naglosky said. Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines recommend a presumptive commitment for 146 months.

A contested sentence hearing was held March 18, when Minnesota Assistant Public Defender Deven Nice, representing Leckner, argued that Leckner should be placed on probation under community supervision.

Naglosky said he urged LeDuc to consider Leckner’s past failures under community supervision in the sentence.

“... I’ve searched my conscience and I cannot argue for anything less than 150 months... Mr. Leckner is lucky that [the victim] didn’t die from her wounds,” Naglosky told LeDuc Wednesday. “He has been given opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. There is no valid basis for this court to depart from the guideline disposition.”

Leckner claimed he would not receive treatment or other services while in prison, reiterating his desire for probation and community services, to which LeDuc said he was familiar with services available in prison for inmates who avail themselves to those services.

LeDuc said he had been ready to sentence Leckner to 125 months prison, but Leckner had “talked his way into” the 150-month sentence.

Leckner was escorted from the courtroom after he shouted at LeDuc, indicating he would return to the community in the future, using profanity and obscenity as LeDuc attempted to describe Leckner’s rights to appeal the sentence.

Meanwhile, Leckner will receive credit for 160 days that he spent in custody pending disposition on this matter.

Naglosky credited local law officers for their work on the case.

“As always, it is my honor to work with the fine officers of the International Falls Police Department and the Koochiching County Sheriff’s Department,” he said. “They are the ones who run towards danger and save lives. They build my cases. I try to do my part to see that justice is done, but my work is impossible if they haven’t built a solid case upfront.”

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