It may have been a bit warmer than most competitors in the Arrowhead 135 extreme race would have liked it, but a new bike record was set late Monday night.

The temperature was 15 degrees at the start of the race Monday morning in International Falls, where 85 bikers, 60 runners, 11 skiers, and one runner with a kick sled set out with the bang of fireworks set off by the Falls Fire Department.

Ted Loosen, 38, of Minnesota, set a new bike record finishing at Tower late Monday in 13 hours and 15 minutes. He was ahead of John Lackey, 38, of Washington, by just 1 second. Ben Doom of Minnesota finished third with a time of 13:15.15.

Jill Martindale, 29, Michigan, was among 26 female athletes signed up to participate, marking a record number of women for the Arrowhead 135. She was the first female biker and set the women's record

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