The Bronco volleyball team suffered its third straight loss at home Tuesday night against the Mesabi East Giants. 

Bronco head coach Shelby Nosan said while her team always works hard, she credited the Giants for its strong serve throughout the game. 

"Overall, in all aspects, we didn't play as clean as we would like to," Nosan said. "Our serve receive passing was a little off, and credit to Mesabi for serving bullets at us the whole game."

The coach said the girls struggled to get the ball in play at the net, which resulted in 21 attacking errors. 

"It's tough to win matches with that many errors, if not impossible," she said. "So we are going to work hard the rest of the week on eliminating our errors and playing with some urgency."

Still, there is a lot of season left to play. 

"The girls always work hard and play hard," Nosan said. "We want to keep that trend going through the rest of the season."

  • Set No. 1: 25-20
  • Set No. 2: 25-17
  • Set No. 3: 25-15

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