Gavin Loveless, Cam McRoberts and Max Marcotte

From left, the team of Gavin Loveless, Cam McRoberts and Max Marcotte won the Memorial Day Tournament May 24.

The Bronco Bass Fishing Club took to the waters of Rainy Lake Memorial Day for their first tournament of the season.

This was the first official sporting event held in Borderland since the Kerry Park Men’s Tournament in March.

While the club is happy to be on the water again, Chris Zahn said there are protocols in place to keep the anglers and boat captains as safe as possible.

“If any boat captains had kids in the club, we made sure their kids were on their boat,” he said. “We also spread out across four landings instead of just going from one, and we said the kids could wear buffs or masks if they wanted to.”

The club also cut out in-person weigh-ins to keep the crowds down, instead opting to broadcast the weigh-ins over Facebook.

Zahn said he thinks the first tournament under these new rules went well.

“I know some of the kids were bummed about us not having weigh-ins, but I know they’re just happy to be on the water again.”

The Broncos will be back on Rainy Lake for their next tournament June 14.

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