The Falls High School boys' and girls' cross country teams held their home meet of the season, the Hial Pike Invitational, Tuesday at The River Golf Course.

The girls' team continued their top-two streak, netting first place with 25 points. 

The boys earned fourth place by scoring 79 points.

Different rules for a different year 

To keep in line with COVID prevention protocols, there were two separate sections held during the meet. One at 1 p.m. and the other at 4 p.m.

Three teams competed in each section, with the Broncos running in the latter part of the day.

Ford and Scholler 

Juniors Ryan Ford and Anthony Scholler were the first Broncos to cross the finish line in their respective races Tuesday.

Ford finished with a time of 21:36.10 while Scholler finished with 18:52.00.

Scholler said he felt he and his team did well during the meet.

"I think I did pretty good," he said. "I think overall we did really well as a team."

While Ford finished third-overall in her own race, she felt like she could have done even better.

"I think I did ok. It wasn't what I wanted, but things happen," she said. "I felt like this could have been my year to win first, but races are races, you can always do better next time."

Coming down the home stretch in the season, Scholler said the boys need to work on staying together on the course. 

"I think we can stick together more, and maybe we could be a little faster on the courses," he said. 

Ford says she looks forward to running in sections in hopes to qualify for the state meet for the third year in a row.

"There's still plenty of room for improvement," she said. "Most years I seem to run the same for most of the season, then when it comes to the section meet, I like to hit it and surprise everybody."

Up next 

The Broncos will be back in action at 2 p.m. Tuesday when they travel to Greenway to compete in the Iron Range Conference Meet.

Complete varsity results 

  • 3rd - Ryan Ford (girls), 21:36.10
  • 3rd - Anthony Scholler (boys), 18:53.00
  • 4th - Abbi Hutchinson (girls), 21:46.80
  • 5th - Anna Windels (girls), 22:46.50
  • 6th - Madalynn Saxton (girls), 22:57.00
  • 7th - Bailey Herberg (girls), 23:25.30
  • 10th - Ellie Rein (girls), 24:23.50
  • 11th - Taylor Burns (girls), 24:38.70
  • 13th - Parker Flesland (boys), 20:20.60
  • 14th - Loralai Ford (girls), 25:29.00
  • 18th - Summer Hesseldahl (girls), 26:30.10
  • 19th - Lauren Basaraba (girls), 26:30.80
  • 19th - Pablo Christianson (boys), 21:00.20
  • 20th - Ashton Hielscher (boys), 21:02.60
  • 22nd - Bizzy Hendrick (girls), 28:19.90
  • 24th - Parker Sivonen (boys), 21:39.70
  • 26th - Kourtney Talley (girls), 31:50.50
  • 33rd - Zach Youso (boys), 23:17.30
  • 40th - Carter Line (boys), 24:13.50
  • 43rd - Mitchell Erickson (boys), 24:17.00

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