The Falls High School girls’ swimming and diving team hosted the Mesabi East Giants in a dual meet Thursday afternoon.

Overall, the Broncos lost the meet 97-77, but the home team still had multiple top-three finishes during the event.

Some highlights include sophomore Havyn Pelland placing first in the 100-yard butterfly with a time of 1:05.29.

Senior Kaitlyn Kalstad took home first in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:27.48.

In relays, the Bronco 400-yard freestyle team placed first with a time of 4:21.38.

Head coach Ashley Goff said she was proud of how her captains have taken charge since the beginning of the season.

“Kaitlyn Kalstad is a great leader for our team. She practices hard, is kind and eager to help with the younger kids and gives everything she has at the meets and is dropping time consistently,” she said. “Macey (Marcotte) and Elly (Nelson), are also dropping time consistently and are very dedicated. All three of them set a great example for the entire team. It’s a great thing. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of leaders.”

The Broncos will be back in the water at 4:30 p.m. Thursday when they travel to Virginia to compete in a dual meet against the Blue Devils.

Top-three varsity results are below:

200 medley relay

2nd — 2:07.82

1) Macey Marcotte 2) Kaitlyn Kalstad 3) Havyn Pelland 4) Elly Nelson

200 freestyle

3rd — Shay Mannausau, 2:26.79

200 IM

2nd — Emma Erickson, 2:40.91; 3rd — Macey Marcotte, 2:43.37

50 freestyle

2nd — Elly Nelson, 27.10

1-meter diving

2nd — Alina Hartzler, 108.50

100 butterfly

1st — Havyn Pelland, 1:05.29

100 freestyle

3rd — Elly Nelson, 1:01.04

500 freestyle

2nd — Gracie Bowles, 6:29.17

200 freestyle relay

2nd — 1:50.91

1) Kaitlyn Kalstad 2) Elly Nelson 3) Emma Erickson 4) Havyn Pelland

100 backstroke

3rd — Macey Marcotte, 1:14.15

100 breaststroke

1st — Kaitlyn Kalstad, 1:27.48; 2nd — Quianna Ford, 1:32.59; 3rd — Kendra Kalstad, 1:35.98

400 freestyle relay

1st — 4:21.38

1) Emma Erickson 2) Gracie Bowles 3) Macey Marcotte 4) Shay Mannausau

2nd — 4:54.32

1) Grace Jensen 2) Alina Hartzler 3) Olivia Line 4) Kaitlyn Hostetter

3rd — 5:10.68

1) Elizabeth Jantzen 2) Savannah Busch 3) Quianna Ford 4) Mya Pantoja

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