Max Marcotte, Cullen Jensen and Jeff Hamilton

From left: Max Marcotte, Cullen Jensen and boat captain Jeff Hamilton were the winning team at the Sha Sha Showdown Sunday.

The Bronco Bass Fishing Club took to the waters of Rainy Lake Sunday for the Sha Sha Showdown.

Max Marcotte and Cullen Jensen took home the top prize, netting a bag of 16.25 pounds, beating out second place by just under two pounds.

“This was actually my second time fishing with Max,” Jensen said. “I think that helped us have some chemistry and helped get us the win today.”

Marcotte also caught the biggest fish of the tournament, weighing in at 4.03 pounds.

“That one fought pretty hard,” he said. “We had trouble getting him in the net a couple of times but Jeff (Hamilton) scooped him up.”

Marcotte went on to say he’s confident he will be placed among the top-six anglers in the club after being part of the winning team in the last two events.

“I should be sitting pretty good now,” he said. “I’m not sure what the exact scores are, of course, but I’m feeling pretty good.”

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