Sara Jaaksoo

Position: Forward

Role model: My grandmother

Future plans: I want to study music production in college and pursue dancing.

Macey Marcotte

Position: Goalie

Role models: My parents

Favorite sports team: Minnesota Wild

Pregame ritual: Listen to music while dialing in for the game.

Future plans: Attend BSU and major in elementary education.

Taytum Stone

Position: Defense

Role models: My parents and coaches

Favorite sports team: Edmonton Oilers

Pregame ritual: Get dressed, eat candy, get my helmet and gloves in front of me and wait for my nerves to kick in.

Future plans: Attend University of Winnipeg and become a high school biology teacher.

Maria Vollom

Position: Center

Role model: My brother, Jackson Vollom

Favorite sports team: North Dakota Fighting Hawks

Pregame ritual: Listen to 80’s music, stick handle and re-tape my stick.

Future plans: Attend UND with a degree in business and communications.

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