In its first year of existence, the Bronco Bass Fishing Club is sending two of its anglers to Lake Minnetonka to fish in the Student Angler Tournament Trail’s Tournament of Champions.

Ben Glowack and Nate Lynch qualified for the tournament by participating on the Student Angler Tournament Trail, where they needed to finish in the top-ten percent in one of the tournaments on said trail.

Glowack and Lynch got this qualifying finish during a tourney on Pokegama Lake in Grand Rapids.

“They actually lead for more than half the day, but other teams pulled ahead within the last hour,” said Boat Captain Billy Bright.

The team from the Falls finished sixth overall with a net total of 17.15 pounds.

Lynch said he is beyond exited to fish in such a large tournament.

“It’s just an awesome feeling. Billy was pacing in the back of the boat all day long, waiting for us to get some catches. It was just awesome,” he said.

Glowack said he is looking forward to competing against other anglers from across the state of Minnesota.

“I think it will be really fun to fish with other anglers who are sure to be pretty good and to see how they do. We’ve all qualified for something that takes a lot of talent,” he said.

This was the first year season for the Bronco Bass Fishing Club and Glowack said he and Lynch are honored to represent the club at the tournament.

“It’s just awesome how it worked out. Last summer I was talking with Billy and Tim about putting together a fishing team. We were excited for it but we weren’t sure if it was going to happen or not,” he said. “Then it all came together and fell into place. It was just unreal.”

Bright said he is confident in Lynch and Glowack’s abilities as well as their work ethic.

“This won’t just be a one-time deal. These guys are able to prove themselves, it’s just something they haven’t gotten lucky over,” he said. “But these are boys where, if they miss a fish, they will move on from it and get right back to work.”

Bright went on to say the three of them are thankful for the support they have received from teammates and family members alike.

“We couldn’t have done it without the boys’ parents letting them come down and fish, as well as the support from the rest of the Bronco Bass Fishing Club like my dad Tim, coach Chris Zahn, Glen Marcotte, Jessi Bright and Steph McBride,” he said.

Bright also wanted to acknowledge SATT President Jimmy Bell and the SATT crew for “accommodating” the Broncos in their first year.

The tournament will begin on September 9 on Lake Minnetonka.

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