The Rainy River Community College women's and men's basketball team went 1-1 against the Central Lakes Raiders Sunday afternoon.

First, the women won 88-70 and then the men fell 108-74.

01/17 @ Itasca 

Before their games against the Raiders, the Voyageurs traveled Friday to face the Itasca Vikings.

The Voyageurs went 2-0 on the day with the women winning 87-51 and the men 93-88.

Women's game 

Top scorers were:

  • Alyssa Herrera - 24 points
  • Adesenna Anderson - 17 points
  • Arcadya Conway - 15 points

Sunday's game started with both teams trading baskets.

The Voyageurs had some initial trouble with traveling violations, getting three in the first quarter.

The Voyageurs began to slightly pull away in the second quarter, but the Raiders hung around due to a great performance behind the three-point line.

As the clock ticked down in the first half, the Voyageurs' shooting went cold, allowing the Raiders to retake the lead.

Starting in the second half, the Voyageurs started employing a full-court press defense, forcing the Raiders to make mistakes.

In the fourth quarter, the Voyageurs finally started to pull away from their opponents, extending their lead to 10 points and beyond.

Head coach Dieter Humbert said putting the Voyageurs' defense to full court was what gave them the win.

"We were just trading baskets and coming up on the short end of that," he said. "Once we got pressure on and forced some turnovers it helped our momentum." 

Men's game 

Top scorers were:

  • Trey Winkler - 18 points
  • Isaiah Woodstock - 15 points
  • TJ O'Connor - 12 points

The Voyageur men started their game by quickly jumping to a 7-2 lead, but the Raiders find open looks inside the paint to take a lead of their own.

While the Voyageurs had a better time shooting in the first half, the Raiders got a ton of second-chance points from offensive rebounds to keep in contention.

The game turned against the Voyageurs in the second half after the Raiders went ahead five points with 14 minutes to go.

From then on the visitors stayed in-step with the Voyageurs. Whenever they scored, the Raiders scored on their next possession to maintain the point gap.

Over time, this broke down the Voyageur offense and the Raiders extended their lead to take the game.

Up next 

Both Voyageur squads will be back on the court today starting at 5:30 p.m. when they host the Northland Pioneers.

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