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In an effort to provide as much information about the flooding emergency to the community, The Journal last week lifted the story limit for non-subscribers. For this period, all information about the emergency will be made available to all viewers.

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Thanks Woody, I viewed them just a couple hours ago and understand the issue better.

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Hi Woody,
I have information to answer a few of your questions. The International Falls EDA is made up of the five International Falls city councilors, who are elected. The EDA Advisory Board, made up of uncompensated volunteers, advises the EDA. The advisory board was recently expanded …

Just to clarify, no spelling errors were changed in the responses from candidates.

Thanks for the apology. It is appreciated.

oldtimer3, you can find stories written about the issue, and which answer several of your questions, by typing the word: integration - into the advanced search located at the top right of this page. Most stories were published after a public meeting held by the International Falls City Counc…

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Former name, Budget Host Inn, is 13 letters by my count.

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Thanks for all the feedback on the Johnson Journals. We have heard from both sides on this feature -- many who love it and many who do not. As a result of the input from those loyal readers, we have decided to compromise. We have started a new feature to take the place of Johnson Journals in…

Because this plan is being discussed regularly on social media sites and elsewhere in the community, Journal staff believed it would be beneficial to make the community aware of this event so it could react to the plan. And that reaction appears to be occurring.